You Can Manage Your Business's Entire Marketing Plan

With One Solution

Never Missing a Lead - Ranking Better on Google - Bringing in More Customers

Effective Marketing Solutions - Quickly Implemented - Expertly Monitored

Without Breaking the Bank

Without Sacrificing Time

Without Causing Headaches

Without Having to "Do It Yourself"

How Could Your Marketing Solutions Be More Effective?

What if your marketing could do more for you?

Imagine your marketing solutions running automatically, effectively earning more revenue - allowing you to focus on your business, all while being monitored by our experts?


Local Authority

What if your business had a robust reputation marketing program, focusing on your local authority, earning you 35% more revenue than your competition...


Client Engagement

What if you had a system in place to regularly engage with your current customers, automatically bringing them back to your store or office - ready to spend more money on your services?


Brand Awareness

What if your business harnessed the power of social media more consistently, with more power, generating more leads to you without spending money on ads?


No Leads Left Behind

What if you had a system in place to capture every single lead, across social, website, Google & more... never losing a potential customer again?


Out Performing the Competition

What if you had an automated marketing system in place that ran circles around your local competition, earning you more revenue & free time?\


Time & Money Savings Through Automation

What if you could lower your overall cost of marketing through task automation, freeing up time to serve more clients, spending more time with family, all while earning more revenue?

Our client Dave Has A Cool Story

He knew he needed more from his old marketing strategy,

but didn't know where to start...

From Frustration to Success...

Meet Dave, a chiropractor in the Midwest. He didn't always look this happy. In fact - not too long ago he was frustrated with the endless struggle of marketing his practice.

In a highly competitive market, he felt like he was throwing money into various strategies without any significant results – a constant cycle of disappointment.

Enter Digital Firebrand Marketing. Recognizing Dave's challenges, they conducted a thorough analysis and devised a comprehensive strategy. The solution? Implementing our Automated Marketing Manager (AMM) for Dave and his practice was ticket. Now, our AMM handles Dave's entire CRM (lead follow up & client engagement) to reputation marketing, social media, and local SEO. Our Automated Marketing Manager an end to the overwhelm.

The results were swift and transformative. Dave's chiropractic business not only survived but thrived. With multiple office locations, a steady stream of new customers, and improved patient retention, Dave's story shifted from frustration to success.

Digital Firebrand Marketing turned Dave's marketing woes into a streamlined, automated solution, allowing him to focus on providing top-notch chiropractic care.

That's what happens when you pair an Amazing All in One Marketing Solution with Experts that Support Your Company's Growth Like They're Own.

If Dave can achieve such success, imagine what Digital Firebrand Marketing can do for your small business. Let us handle the complexities, so you can enjoy the growth you deserve.

It's Not Just For Dave...

The Same Total Marketing Solution that Helped Dave...

Is Available For A Limited Number of New Partners

Introducing the Automated Marketing Manager

The All-in-One Marketing Solution

So You Can Focus on Serving Customers

~ Included ~


Automated Lead Capture & Immediate Follow Up

Across Social, Text, Chat, Email & Calls

Instantly Respond to Leads & Never Lose One to Your Competition Again.


Automated Customer Engagement

Email Campaigns, Nurture Series & Workflows

Consistently Engage Your Current Clients So They Return for Services More Often Instead of Going to Your Competition


Automated Reputation Marketing

Review Request - 5-Star Live Stream & Response

So You Can Sky Rocket to the Top in Your Local Area As The "Go-To" Authority In Your Industry


Automated Social Media Suite

DFY Weekly Social Posting, Scheduling & Creator Suite

So Your Brand Awareness is Second to None - Keeping You On Your Customer's Minds, Instead of Your Competition


Done For You Local SEO Service

Monthly DFY Google Profile Maintenance & Lite SEO

So You Get Power House Lead Generation Benefits of Google Business Profile, Where Most Small Biz Owners Are Missing Out


Success Road Map Support

Monthly Growth Guidance from Our Team Experts

So Your Company Benefits By Pairing Amazing Marketing Automation with a Best In Class Growth Consulting.

Automated Marketing Manager Results


Emma - Clothing Store Owner

"This has been a lifesaver for my boutique clothing store! With CRM, Social, Reputation, and Local SEO all in one place, managing our marketing has never been easier. Since we started using it, we've seen a significant increase in foot traffic and online engagement. Couldn't recommend it enough!"


Max - Coffee Shop Owner

"Switching to Digital Firebrand's Automated Marketing Manager was a game-changer for my coffee shop! It handles CRM, Social, Reputation, and Local SEO all in one. Now, I can focus on brewing great coffee while my online presence grows. Highly recommended!"


Dr. Jones, D.C. - Chiro Practice Owner

Dr. Jones had this to say about our the implementation of our Automated Marketing Manager: "I like the big picture plan and how well everything has been working in the short term too!  I appreciate all the work you've done and are doing!"


Sophia Nguyen - Yoga Studio Owner

Running a yoga studio means juggling many tasks, but marketing isn't a headache anymore thanks to your Auto Mkt Mgr! Honestly, I was blow away by the support of your team, the setup, everything! Grateful for this game-changer!"

Automated Lead Capture & Client Engagement!

Unlock the power of streamlined customer relationship management with the Automated Marketing Manager's CRM system. Say goodbye to manual data entry and missed opportunities, and hello to seamless lead nurturing and conversion.

Our Automated Solution:

  • Effortlessly manage all customer interactions and leads in one centralized platform.

  • Automate lead response, appointment scheduling, and follow-up communications to save time and increase efficiency.

  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences with advanced analytics and reporting features.

  • Nurture relationships with automated email and SMS marketing campaigns, ensuring your business stays top-of-mind for prospects and customers alike.

Automated Reputation Marketing

Elevate your online reputation effortlessly with the Automated Marketing Manager's Reputation Management system. Take control of your brand's image across various online platforms, increase customer trust, and attract more business.

Our Automated Solution:

  • Automatically request and collect reviews from satisfied customers, bolstering your online presence and credibility.

  • Monitor and respond to reviews from Google, Facebook, and other platforms in real-time, showcasing your commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Live stream positive reviews directly to your website and social media profiles, enhancing your brand's visibility and reputation.

  • Gain valuable insights into customer feedback and sentiment, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve your products or services.

Automated Social Media Suite

Transform your social media presence with the Automated Marketing Manager's Social Media Suite. Effortlessly create engaging content, schedule posts across multiple platforms, and watch your audience grow. Plus, enjoy the added bonus of weekly consistency posting by our expert team.

Our Automated Solution:

  • Access a comprehensive social media creation suite.

  • Post consistently across Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, and TikTok, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind with your audience.

  • Benefit from thousands of royalty-free images to use in your social media posts, saving you time and money on content creation.

  • Enjoy the bonus of weekly posts created by our team of experts, further boosting your brand awareness and engagement without lifting a finger.

Local SEO Boost

Jumpstart local search results and attract more customers to your doorstep with the Automated Marketing Manager's Monthly Local SEO Boost support. Get ahead of the competition, increase your online visibility, and drive targeted traffic to your business.

Our Automated Solution:

  • Receive expert support from Digital Firebrand's team to optimize your Google Business Profile and other online directories, ensuring accurate and consistent business information across the web.

  • Implement a comprehensive 9-step optimization process to improve your local search ranking and increase your visibility to potential customers in your area.

  • Track and monitor keyword performance and Google Maps rank tracking for your top keywords, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and make data-driven decisions.

  • Benefit from traffic and backlinks to your Google Business Profile, boosting your authority and credibility in the eyes of both search engines and potential customers.

Rank Higher - Capture More of Your Market

Bonuses That Add "Rocket Fuel" To Your Marketing


Free Website

(including hosting)

$1200 / Year Value


Strategic Support

CMO Guidance

$999 / Month Value


Free Setup

& Implementation

$299 One Time Value

Over $2,499 In Monthly Value


Automated CRM - $999/m. Value

Total Lead Capture & Client Engagement

  • - Centralized customer interaction management

  • - Automated lead response and appointment scheduling

  • - Advanced analytics for valuable insights

  • - Automated email and SMS campaigns for relationship nurturing


Local SEO Boost - $599/m. Value

DFY Local SEO Monthly Service

  • - Expert optimization of Google Business Profile

  • - Comprehensive 9-step optimization process

  • - Keyword performance tracking

  • - Google Maps rank monitoring

  • - Traffic and backlinks to enhance online authority


Local Authority Champion - $399/m. Value

DFY Monthly Reputation Marketing Plan

  • - Automated review request system

  • - Real-time monitoring & review response on G+ & FB

  • - Live stream of positive reviews to website and social

  • - Insights into customer feedback and sentiment for informed decisions


Social Champion - $499/m. Value

Full Social Media Suite + Bonus DFY

  • - Social media creation suite for engaging content

  • - Posting consistency across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, TikTok)

  • - Access to thousands of royalty-free images for content

  • - Bonus weekly posts created by expert team for increased brand awareness


Fractional CMO Support - $999/m. Value

*Limited Time

  • Monthly insights and analysis of marketing strategy

  • Strategic suggestions and recommendations for improvement

  • Ongoing support and guidance to grow your business

  • Expert oversight to ensure marketing success


Website Build & Hosting - $999/m. Value

*Limited Time

  • Modern, fast, and aesthetically designed website

  • Customized to reflect your brand identity and goals

  • Free hosting and monitoring for hassle-free management

  • Enhanced user experience to drive engagement and conversions

4th of July Sale !!!

Special Pricing - $499 / Month

(Reg. Pricing $1,499/Month)

*Program Availability: Please note that we want to spend quality time setting up and implementing the Automated Marketing Manager with each new partner so we are only keeping this page open for a short period and limiting the number participating small businesses.

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